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   common vs. alligator
   geographic range
   growth charts
   feeding habits


   acquiring a turtle
   handling snappers
   enclosure setup
   basking light

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Dear Reader,
   Reptiles live amongst us as more and more people are keeping them as pets. Banning reptiles as pets does not solve the problem nor help those which are pets already. Please join me in promoting education that will dispense with negative and misleading information surrounding the keeping of reptiles.

 Stories, opinions, announcements:
Stories index - click here
  Reptile Vets - they are there to help your pet stay healthy - learn more about choosing your vet and where to find them  - click here to go there
  The alligator snapping turtle section - (Macroclemys temmincki) - new pages with information about the alligator snapping turtles, they are marked on the left navigation pane with orange
  The Equadorian (South-American) snapping turtle - (Chelydra serpentina acutirostris) - updated page with photos and information - click here to go there
  Questions & Answers section - click here to go there
   What comes first - pet or your neighbor? - reflections about rescuing people and pets in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina - read the full story here
A snake with a message? - St. Mary image on a snake's back  - click here to go there
Captive breeding of reptiles - reflections on captive breeding of reptiles in the wake of the December 26th South East Asian Tsunami disaster - read the full story here
Imagine vast ocean - some people see them as evil, ignore them or even shoot them - result still the same, until they realize, that this world just might collapse if we loose them... - read the full story here
A beaver lake story - if you don't find turtles on your turtle watching trip, it does not mean you have to come home empty handed... - read the full story here
A story of two garter snakes - who says snakes don't need company... - read the full story here

 Recent additions:
Snapping turtle embryo - color photos of a Mexican snapping turtle's embryo - jump to this page here
  [ Updated ] Snapper Forum - our permanent snapping turtle community; register for full benefits    - jump to this page here
 The Snapper Forum

  Did you know that...
... the biggest ever to exist turtle lived in the sea?
                       read more
  Question of the month
Answer to one new question send by a reader.

You asked:

'a baby snapper... from a lake in August...'

'... what would have to be done if I wanted to release it in the spring or summer ?
                                                           read the answer

 Introduction to snapping turtles:
  Turtle Train:
Ten page introduction to the world of snapping turtles - see what do they look like, where they live, what they eat and how friendly they are!
                       Go !
  Walk turtle style:
Mysterious tracks on the sand... who made them and where do they lead? Follow this trail and find out!
                 follow the trail !
  Common vs. alligator snapper:
If you're not sure which one you have, or have seen ...
                 ... click here !
click to see snapper walk Meet
the snapping turtle!

See her in action !
A short movie of a walking snapper        click here

  Royalty free:
Download free puzzles, screensavers, wallpapers and images for your website or project
                       read more
  Turtle & Animal Art
and Photography:

High quality images for framing, postcards, posters & more!
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  Message board:

A free message board for people concerned about snapping turtles
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Featured reptile links:
Breeders & Suppliers:
       Advertise your business! 150.000 page views in May 2004, over 740 members in the turtle club - Chelydra.Org is the perfect place to advertise your pet related business!


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The Snapper Forum !

 The Snapper Forum

A place to share your snapping turtle experience !

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Common vs. alligator snappers
Turtle walk

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Past stories
uploaded new essay
Guest's galleries
Mexican snapper eggs update
The Australian stick bug - more and more eggs... - photo

   Recent Additions: 
Snapping turtle embryo
see the color photos
Stan's Snake Page - a page for snake enthusiasts
Australian stick bug - the coolest dancing bug

   Needed support: 
Turtle skulls & bones
Books & Publications
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